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At Scat Cat Art, Mike Johnson, artisan and fellow at the Craftmen Guild of Mississippi, designs and creates beautiful handcarved wearable art including naturally finished butterfly pendants, crosses, whimsical pendants, and earrings. He also is known for his story / hiking sticks, chipcarved boxes, etched glass, and working clocks made from wood panels and wooden boxes.  Mike is a self-taught artist who has developed carving and finishing techniques which do not easily fit into any artistic "category".

Completed pieces often contain "illusion inlay", a technique Mike developed which gives the appearance of beautiful inlaid wood or mosaic tiles. Mike began creating butterfly necklaces in the midseventies for friends, and has seen these pieces become very desired parts of jewelry collections. The jewelry pieces are handcarved from local and exotic woods, and the completion of a piece involves hours of meticulous carving, sanding and finishing.

Hiking/story sticks are created from saplings in length from about 3 to 5 feet. This is the most timeconsuming form of carving that Mike does. Hiking sticks usually have designs (cotton bolls, sea turtles, native American symbols, etc.) on them. Story sticks have a theme and a "story"